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Enjoy Nature's Beauty- Today & Tomorrow

Solving problems, creating solutions-we think it's cool when a product has purpose.

Let's take a look at some brands that do more than expected.

Here are 3 words to know around sustainability.

There is no debate that nature provides beauty.

The question is how do we make sure generations later can appreciate what we enjoy now?

Out of the Ocean® is cleaning up the ocean with every bag. Each bag they make removes the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles from our oceans and waterways.

From lunch bags to totes, each bag features brilliant ocean photography, which invites dialogue to share the back story of this sustainable brand.

HIP- operates with the belief that everyone and everything has a purpose; even waste. Hip gives “waste” a second life by creating sustainably sourced lifestyle products out of already existing waste, instead of producing new plastic from fossil fuels. The plastic to make Hip products comes from OCEANWORKS - a trusted global marketplace for recycled ocean plastic materials and products.

Reuseable utensils , like this one from HIP provide a sustainable solution to the growing issue of how to address waste, plus the product is lightweight enough to be taken anywhere, just like other HIP products.

Products made from REPREVE® fabric divert plastic that would otherwise wind up in our oceans and create fabric for coolers, lunch totes & backpacks.

There are even new solutions for traditional office & trade-show basics, such as totes & journals- with washable paper that feels good in the hand, plus gives back to Ocean clean up initiatives.

Out of the Woods bags, feature Supernatural Paper™ which is sustainable, washable and vegan. It is FSC®-certified, made of tree cellulose, a renewable resource, from responsibly managed forests.

Check out this versatile cooler - insulated and padded to keep your produce fresh at the Sunday farmer’s market or your workday essentials protected, and spacious enough to double as a weekender bag.

All month we've focused on brands and product that do more- a creative solution, visually stunning designs and products that show innovation can add value to our lives. Check out samples of these types of products in our showroom space.

Which products and brand stories have inspired you the most?

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