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Eye Candy, With A Twist

What's visually pleasing to the eye? Rest! Told 'ya it was a twist!

A day of working from home typically consists of sending emails, dialing into video meetings, getting some work done on the computer and, if you’re lucky, a little TV before bed. That’s a lot of time spent in front of a screen! In fact, screen time spiked to over 13 hours a day at one point during the pandemic lockdown (eyesafe®). While remote work has its perks, it’s important to give yourself a break from the screens if you want to avoid burnout (and even improve your performance). Blue light blocking glasses make a great gift or practical welcome back to the office perk when employees return.

Good old-fashioned paper and pen work for recording notes, memories or even doodling.

What types of options are forward thinking when it come to the environment?

  • The last notebook you’ll ever need. Rocketbook stores notes to the cloud using a free smartphone app, making it easy to stay organized. Using the Pilot FriXion pen, the special erasable pages can easily be wiped clean. Just think of all the trees you’ll save! (Pro Tip: Give the FriXion ink about 15 seconds to dry.)

  • Did you know taking notes by hand is linked to improved retention of the subject matter? This is because it involves cognitive engagement in summarizing, paraphrasing and concept mapping, leading to a deeper understanding of the material than typing notes on a keyboard. So on top of giving your eyes a break from the screen, you’re giving your brain a boost too. How about an EcoSmart solution made from recycled paper or this NC- USA Made option. Besides, staring at a screen for long periods can have some serious side effects, like eye strain, blurred vision and even headaches (Forbes). Nobody likes working with a headache, so take a break from the screen – even just to jot down some notes – and give your eyes some much-needed rest.

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