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Feathers, Leathers & Life-Time Branding Solutions

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Did you know that the first golf ball was made of feathers, wrapped in leather and used until the mid-1800s? How can that knowledge translate into commerce?

Consider this, thanks to the pandemic, golf has seen a resurgence in players. It's an activity that can be done with a small group and maintain social distancing. Besides, health experts have been reminding us for months that exercise benefits both our mental & physical health. Major tournaments have been moved to dates later in the year and local organizations are taking the cue from those seeking a social connection and promoting outdoor golf events.

Event sponsors seek brand exposure during the tournament and long term engagement, perhaps even a hidden message to a fantastic referral partner. Fortunately, golf and promotional products go hand in hand, literally. Think about it, the average foursome takes 4 hours to play 18 holes, which creates a lot of time for brand impressions. Additionally, golf is not a game defined by age, gender or race. Golf is a game that avid golfers can love for a lifetime; just like your brand. If you are looking for a way to make a statement at a tournament consider a kit. Our experienced team can handle the logistics of building a custom kit. We've been kitting for years- long before COVID, to make your distribution a snap and providing you one-touch solutions.

What else can we kit?

Consider having your team in custom socks or shoes!

Insert a custom sleeve of golf balls into a pair of socks at your next tournament instead of a coozie or a golf towel, then watch the reaction of the golfers. The purpose of a charity event is to raise both money and awareness right?

Image the reaction when your information about the charity tournament arrives in a custom box, the foursome next to you has branded shoes or instead of a traditional trophy the winning team scores custom shoes!

Before you plan your next tournament check with our team, we'll tee you up for success!

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