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Finding Common Ground- Through Your Personality!

According to an article by Forbes, there are 5 traits behind highly connected people. Those 5 traits - genuine interest in others, a desire to help others, patience, future focused mindset and quality over quantity are traits found in officers at the Apex Police Department. That's right; our local officer's serve & protect, and they are connected to the community.

After-all, it's common interests & common experiences that spark a connection between strangers.

If you've ever been out of town and suddenly meet someone from your state or hometown- immediately you start asking questions. Where did you live? What was your favorite place to eat? Where did you go to school? Who do you know? That simple spark of a common location immediately makes two strangers feel connected. Those strangers can't help but look for more things in common.

When it comes to a company or an organization the word "personal brand" is a term used to describe the public's perception of that organization's personality. If you spent as much time as our Promotional Partners team in Downtown Apex you'd know that the officers that protect Apex are personable. They wave, beep to friends & share stories or a laugh when they pass you on the street or pop in for a coffee or keep us all safe during a local festival.

Yes, they serve & protect the community.

However on a deeper, more personal level, they are all some one's child. They get dressed in a uniform just like a child puts on their pants or socks, one leg or one foot at a time. They have hobbies, pets, families and favorite foods. Imagine the impact on our youth when they experience the feeling of a personal connection. For a child, finding out that behind the badge is a person who has something in common with them is "community policing". Consider the positive impact created through the realization that officers are just like the people they serve & protect.

Take a look at the story behind the new children's book with this CBS 17 video with Chief Armstrong discussing the vision and purpose of the book.

Note- Kudos to the police department for sharing their vision & goals. Through collaboration, this custom book was written, designed and published with our team to convey a sense of community.

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