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Foster A Caring Network- Share & Care!

What happens when you spend 16 years in the community?

You meet so many great people & organizations.

As a result, a little seeing a cute puppy in a basket, you want each puppy you meet in your life! Sigh, that's not possible.

Not born with a trust fund, and still growing our company, unfortunately we can't fund every worthy program. It's hard when we make connections along the way & can't support every program or organization. However, we can share our voice. This year our Promotional Partners Cares Program will evolve to include 150 stories. Rather than putting a year-long focus on only one local organization, we will share investment stories & ways you can support community partners we've met over the years! Yes- we will be supporting a core group of local organization through our service, sponsorships and donations.

Historically, our community partnerships & investments have been centered around education, kids & families. Why? Our community future relies on our next generation. We learn from our past, we carry those experiences into our present and we grow in the future. Since 2007, we've been actively involved with organizations that align with education, kids & families.

In the present, it's our collective community footprint that matters! Starting February 28th, as part of the Town of Apex's 150 year celebration, we will be introducing you to 150 partners in the Apex community through February 2024. We will feature individuals & organizations that define Apex's past, present and future. Follow these stories on our blog, connect with us on our social platforms to share these stories in your networks.

After-all, you never know what will inspire your connections.

Connect with us on FaceBook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Share these stories.

Speaking of saving puppies- we have one from Peak Lab Rescue of Apex!

She's all grown up, but she an irresistible puppy! She'd even made it to some of our other blog posts & social media posts.

Having fun at the park- and it's the NC year of the trail, so we encourage you to head out and about, Apex has many trails to discover.

You might even make some new friends along the trail.

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