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Partnering For Education- Community Matters!

In 2021 North Carolina has more than 964,000 small businesses, which accounts for over 99 percent of businesses & employ 1.7 million people.

November is associated with gratitude.

We’d like to thank each of you for supporting us. Your referrals & relationship kept us going in 2020 & sustain our continued growth. Together we are able to employ a talented team, doing what we love, fueling our passion and give back to the community.

Supporting education means investing in the future. Knowledge empowers, opens doors and leads to innovative ideas.

On Small Business Saturday our doors will be open to feature partners making a difference for education.

  • Meet our friends at ASPF - Apex Public School Foundation to learn how you can support local Apex schools.

  • Help us raise money for our 2022 Cares Program for Wake Tech Foundation

  • Learn about 4 of our partners making a difference for education through their brand power.

  • Score some discounts, perks, free promotional items & make some new friends

1. This partner has cutting-edge products that also donate back a minimum of $10,000 worth products for education purposes each year. The Kids In Need Foundation makes sure the school supplies are donated to teachers & students affected by natural disasters or fighting poverty.

Trusted by major brands.

2. This partner pairs up artists & businesses to create incredible custom notebooks & journals, demonstrating artists can solve challenges, creatively. Quick turn- 2 weeks, only 50 unit minimums. Sustainability is also a key factor in the print process & construction of their journals, with 75% recycled content, FSC certified papers & the paper and ink is 100% recyclable. Plus USA Made! The innovation continues by building schools in Mali, Guatemala, Laos, Ghana, Nicaragua, and the U.S through profits from your partnership.

3. This partner has donated over 7 million products with their One for One program. Every time you purchase 1 of 22 items in their Give Back Program, that same item is donated to NAEIR providing students access to basic school supplies. Low cost advertising that also helps students- a no brainer.

4. This partner utilizes 4 major brands of tee shirts & sweatshirts to earn a cash rebate for a school of your choice! The Hanes4Education® program only applies to Hanes®, Champion®, Alternative® and ComfortWash® shirts purchased in bulk for embellishment from wholesalers. Products purchased at retail stores do not qualify. What types of products from these 4 brands? Printed T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and shorts.

Using Hanes4Education, schools can earn $0.10 for every eligible piece of apparel ordered from wholesalers for embellishment. For example, if you order 2,000 T-shirts, your designated school will receive a rebate check for $200.00. A maximum of $1,000 (10,000 pieces of apparel) can be earned per rebate request, and a single school may earn a maximum of $5,000 from the Hanes4Education® program per calendar year. Rebate requests in excess of this maximum will not carry over to the following calendar year.

Learn more about our pop up event this Saturday here.

Besides your discount, purchasing products from any of these 4 partners before Dec 30, 2022 means we will make a $15 donation to Apex Public School Foundation.

Shop. Dine. Learn. Small Business Saturday


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