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Gifting The Earth

Updated: May 23

It's always exciting as a woman business owner when I can partner with another woman owned business. Besides doubling up on the girl power; bonus points are created when we partner with a supplier that is also artistic! Yep, as an art teacher I made paper with many students over the years.

Earth Day is less than a month away. It seems fitting to highlight a product that offers a wow as a promotion and then "re-gift's" itself when complete; by growing flowers - now that's a worthy Earth Day celebration.

A notable campaign, with a woman-owned partner, created these ornaments for THe Ellen Degeneres Show. Cardstock for this creative line is made from 100% recycled materials, meaning it is also recyclable. (Ask me about how much fun it is to make your own pulp, creating your own special blend) What are some of types of seeds or papers can you find in the pulp from this partner?

  • Shredded money

  • Written prayers

  • Lavender buds

  • English Daises

  • Even Basil or Dill

All seed paper products are biodegradable, organic, locally-sourced and laboratory tested. The seeds are so real, that their owner, Laura, once shared with me that paper that's been stored for a long time often starts to germinate.

We've done a variety of fun promotions using seed papers. Papers have been designed for:

  • Ground Breaking Ceremonies

  • Weddings

  • Recycling programs in the workplace

  • Dollar signs for saving money for corporate travelers at area hotels

  • Corporate Events

One of my favorite's - The Scared Pancake, for BugFest. The intent of BugFest is to educate kids what happens when they bring non indigenous bugs into the state. The maple leaf insert shared a story detailing how the Asian Longhorn Beetle eats the maple tree, which is where we get maple syrup. No syrup=Scared Pancakes!

Ask us about more eco-friendly options for your next promotion!

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