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An Artist's Palette or Template?

Having an artistic eye can be developed, but let's face it some individuals are just born to be an artist. Drawing with a pencil is different than the training required to master all the tools in vectored based programs; learning the software takes both time & training. Luckily, there are app's, software programs and template based websites that help channel the inner artist in all of us.

Two popular programs for graphics are Canva and Adobe Photoshop. Both are a great resource to quickly make flyers, graphics, and even logo designs. However those quick tools create challenges for imprinting on products and have limitations when translating into print; especially larger formats.


Neither program is vectored based, which means graphics will become pixelated in larger format printing. What is vector based?


  • Trendy fonts and templates.

  • Fun

  • Quick

  • Easy to use- a great start for aspiring graphic designers.

When you are ready to develop a brand identity, a trained & skilled artist can not only develop the logo, but create a brand guide & style guide to help guide your decisions. Once your brand guide & style guide are in place, your ready to build a persona.

  • Imagine your ideal target market sitting in front of you.

  • What do they buy, what behaviors to they exhibit, what’s important to them?

  • Defining your target market as a person makes it easier to identity the types of products that should be part of a campaign.

That's why have our downtown space- for collaboration!

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