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Happiness Comes In Waves!

Surely by now you know I love both a pun & a double entendre- right?

Happiness does come in waves. For Keith & me, our happy place & favorite memories are often associated with bodies of water. We love waves of all types. As business owners, happiness comes from your waves. Our happiness comes from being part of a community where individual's beep their horn, greet each other by name, talk to strangers and wave to each other from across the street. Everyday feels good, it's a wave that demonstrates caring.

May is always a time for us to reflect on our business journey; it's our anniversary month. This year marks 17 years. The relationships we've formed with other businesses, with members of our team, with our interns and each client bring us waves of happiness. All the years, all the people, collectively make an impact. If you ask a small business owner about the value of relationships & partnership, you'll need to pull up a comfy chair. Partnerships & relationships are the bedrock that builds business. Sunday, April 28th starts the SBA's annual National Small Business Week celebration. Every entrepreneur knows, there is no business without your support.

What's our story?

We've shared the answer many times. Basically our story begins and continues around the word partner. Our team is a strong partnership. Together we are united in elevating brand stories. For each partner our goal is to align your values & your message into each collaboration. By creating consistent reaction & engagement for your specific project, we're delivering a strong return on your investment. That's partnership & the essence of our tagline- Visionary Assurance, United Purpose.

Our personal story starts with an artist & a scientist. Everyday that story continues to unfold in the busy Downtown Apex Historic District. The showroom & design studio are perfect setting for collaborations with our experienced team.

Collectively, our expertise & experience comes from degrees, industry certifications, longevity and life experience!

A wave of knowledge & talent in our team, adding value to our partners.

Partnerships require giving; that's why we are invested in the community through service, mentoring & sponsorships. You'll find our footprint all around the triangle. We are also committed to securing the best brand partners for goals. The showroom is your local advantage, providing full access to our team & tools for developing a successful event, crafting a marketing strategy, creating graphic designs or designing a new program. Our space is perfect for crafting legendary stories and molding your super powers into engaging growth strategy.

Thank you for supporting our company! Thank you for partnership!

Your partnership keeps our team of 5 secure & growing. In turn, the partnerships we've cultivated over the years contribute to the economy here in triangle & beyond. During Small Business Week, the SBA asks us to celebrate American’s small businesses. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 33.3 million businesses in America qualify as small businesses! Think about that huge number. Companies like ours employ almost half of the country’s private sector workforce. Small business owners have a significant role in generating employment and contributing to economic stability. That's a reason to wave! Let's wave our hands like fans at a game or concert, because united we are all economic drivers.

The resilience & resolve of entrepreneurs and individual's within the business represent amazing partnerships at work. Along side of national efforts, locally the economic development departments within our municipalities & local chamber's of commerce champion business. Both groups provide programs, access to resources & make connections in an effort to support, sustain & grow business right here in the triangle.

Celebrate! Wave! Then watch for the waves of happiness.

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