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Is Sewing A Super Power?

Updated: Apr 27

What does a blank canvas, a beach full of sand, a lump of clay have in common?

They each represent possibility, which means the answer is yes to being a super power.

The only limitation is the mind.

A fashion designer uses a bolt of fabric to transform a sheet material into a form that fits the contours of our body- with so many directions to explore for the final design.

Creatives love exploring ideas and combinations of texture, color, and shape to create vibrant designs.

Similar to a clothing designer, a quilter uses bolts of fabric, repurposed scraps & thread to make functional quilts. The repetition within their artistry becomes either an interesting wearable or a displayable art form. In other words, fabric & thread are yet another canvas for expression.

We don't have any quilters on our team, but through collaboration we formulate custom products for your purpose, distribution and audience. It's exciting to consider how simply using paper, thread, adhesive & plastic can fancy something a new product that resonates with recipients simply through clever design. When we apply our imagination, product knowledge, and creative power into design & marketing strategy, magic happens!

Smart marketing is about engagement, not about the product itself.

Here's a story with some collaborative imagination at work. Cary Quilting was seeking a useful item to sell in their quilting store, which became this quilter's grid ruler.

Additionally they wanted something unique to sell at their quilting convention booth. Stickers are a hot collectible, why not inspire conversation, incorporate a dose of fun and align the values of those that love to stitch up fabrics? These custom cards with embroidered stickers were the perfect solution for the challenge. We were able to design in their logo into the background of the card, as well as design these punny images.

We love how these turned out! You might say, the result left us in stitches!

This story is also a woman-owned partnership! Perhaps you saw our pearl with Julianne?

Make your partners raving fans!

We love crafting legendary stories and making memories last- that's brand power.

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