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Headfirst Into Winter Branding

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Perhaps to get ahead of your competition, you should consider a headfirst strategy. Okay, so lots of bad puns, but the message is clear the data shows, that head-wear offers strong results.

What's trending?

For decoration- leather patches, full-color sublimation, direct-to-film processes

For the senses- ridges, cuffs, fuzz, and softness

For the fit- well that's the beauty of products for the head, the uni-fit factor!

Besides if you're not already over our puns in this post, layer in your promotion by offering gloves and scarves. We have everything from custom knit to stock items ready for decoration. Our showroom is stocked with the latest styles to compare, we can kit your order and if you'd like- work with another NC partner. In fact, through December 31- we are offering 10% off our NC line of products.

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