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Get A-Head of Your Competition

Updated: May 15, 2023

Get ahead of your competitor by using your head.

Tee shirts are one of those core give away item, however if you aren't considering head wear as a branding tool, then you're not using your head!

In fact, it's dog gone smart idea! Check out some of our work endorsed here.

Studies indicate that more than 2/3 of consumers own branded head wear.

What makes caps both appealing and a smart choice?

Check out these stats:

Besides cost, impressions and popularity, head wear is a smart choice for branding for these 7 compelling reasons:

  1. Price point- even name brands with leather patches, puffy embroidery or dimensional rubber patches are usually cheaper than a polo shirt

  2. Full color decoration- That new logo with all that color- might be pricey to put on a tee due to all the color but there is always an economical way to reproduce the logo in full color.

  3. One size fits all- except for rare occasions, a cap will fit any head size. It's unisex. Ease of distribution. There is no need to sort or worry about fits.

  4. Stack'um up for the presentation factor.

  5. Less bulk & weight to ship.

  6. A cap instantly unifies

  7. An impulse purchase from the brewery or festival is something you can immediately enjoy.

There is no need to be boring or even traditional. Shake up the norm with something truly spectacular! Our design team loves custom projects.

Besides patches on caps & trucker styles, what's trending? Bucket hats which are a smart choice for summer. Right now during skin cancer awareness month is a wide brim hat for outdoor work or leisure like these sun hats.

Before your next purchase take the extra step and utilize your local advantage- your showroom access to compare your options ahead of your purchase.

For more stat's-watch this video

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