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How Do Difficult Roads Lead To Destinations?

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

If change was always easy and difficult conversations were always respectful; then bridging perspectives into a unified voice would be simple. Recently someone suggested to us that if the goal is to hold hands, we first have to be willing to gather & listen to the other side. That's bridge building.

The modern workplace is diverse, so a culture that demonstrates through tone, voice and action that diverse perspectives unify is hard to simplify into a product.

What properties can a product possess that suggest unity?

We like to focus messages around visual properties, to create a stronger message.

Plants grow and thrive with similar shaped foliage, but each leaf seeks out their own space for light to grow. Yet together the leaves contribute to a beautiful plant. Plants are also associated with "calm"- an important element in respecting another's perspective.

Bags by nature collect and hold a variety of objects, but are purposeful with those united objects. A gym bag is a collection of fitness related gear or apparel. Similarly, your backpack or office brief for school or work and your luggage for traveling or specialty gear for camping, boating or heading to the beach. Each bag has a united purpose, with each product contributing- unifying the task.

Sublimated products allow for photographs or colorful graphics that share words or images that help to shape stories. Our graphics team often creates new logos or designs to unify, like the design we created last year for Change the Head, Change the Heart as a iconic image around changing the mind & heart to effect change. Besides applying designs to tee shirts, think caps, bags and even journals- which make the perfect place for reflection. Adding custom pages allow books to become deeply personal to the recipients- using the content area for interactive conversation.

Looking for ways to capture unifying themes? We have ideas!

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