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How to Improve on a Memory?

We briefly talked about these custom coloring books that we created for the Kraft YMCA 10 year anniversary in our recent throwback post.

The ability to create a book that fully captures your brand and while highlighting programs you offer members was a story captured in color! Well, in color once each individual added their own vision. A custom project like this one fits the Y mission to play, while creating positive vibes and embedding a memory in your recipient's mind. We can create custom monthly planners, coloring journals and more. Ask us about it!

Lets talk about how you could use coloring for your brand!


  • Improve memory and brain function

  • Activity for patients and visitors


  • Student recruitment

  • Donor appeals

Large Organizations

  • Conferences

  • Trade show materials

Local & Federal Governments

  • Community events

  • City and town promotion

Entertainment & Travel

  • Destination promotion

  • Guest Activities

Did we mention these products are printed and produced using solar power, are made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and USA made? Just another great way to tie into the values of your brand!

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