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Increase Security & Interaction At Events

Special event badges and credentials are perfect for entry or identification for attendees at sports events, music festivals or large corporate conferences. Beyond a lanyard with a name tag for attendees, speakers, sponsors or VIP's; there are many ways we can add value to your ID products.

For example, custom shapes generate commemorative keepsakes. Interaction with attendees can be measured and increased using variable data or scratch off redemption's.

What are some additional ways we can add value for your next event?

  • Holographic foils to track evidence of tampering

  • Self-expiring visitor badges to prevent re entry

  • Adding SkimSafe RFID readers

  • Adding scan-able barcodes

  • Self locking wristbands to prevent sharing access at events

  • Invisible UV inks

  • Season ticket holder passes

  • VIP access cards

  • Custom shapes

  • Bar codes and magnetic strips for gift cards

Enhanced feature require custom quotes - these are not stock options on our website.

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