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Ready For A Scent Infusion?

Do you have favorite scents- floral, spices, special foods, the essence of a place you like to visit such as the beach or the mountains?

Smell is one of our 5 senses that has a strong effect on our other senses- through smell we can recall sights, sounds and the touch of places or experiences. Why not consider how this unique tool can become part of your next well rounded campaign. How? By using scratch & sniff stickers! Bring an extra layer of engagement to stickers by adding scents as an

educational tools or for sensory experience.

What's the science that makes scent infusion work?

  1. There are several methods to infuse scents into stickers, but the most common one involves microencapsulation. Microencapsulation is a process where tiny scent-filled capsules are embedded into the sticker’s surface. When the sticker is scratched, these capsules break open, releasing the scent.

  2. Other methods include incorporating scent directly into the ink used for printing or applying a scented coating over the sticker. Each method has its pros and cons, but microencapsulation is favored for its durability and the longevity of the scent.

  3. The science behind scratch and sniff stickers is relatively straightforward. When the sticker’s surface is scratched, it ruptures the microcapsules containing the fragrance. 

  4. This mechanical action releases the encapsulated scent into the air, allowing it to be detected by the nose. The amount of scent released can depend on the number of capsules broken and the strength of the fragrance used.

Why Use Scented Stickers?

  1. Scented stickers are powerful marketing tools that can create a memorable experience for tradeshow attendees or customers. Brands use scratch & sniff stickers on product packaging, promotional materials, and direct mailers to engage customers’ senses and enhance brand recall. 

  2. For example, candle labels with a scratch & sniff feature allow customers to sample scents without opening the packaging.

  3. In educational settings, scented stickers are used as rewards and motivational tools. They can also be incorporated into learning materials to create multisensory experiences that enhance memory and learning. 

  4. In therapeutic contexts, these stickers are used for sensory integration therapy, helping individuals with sensory processing disorders.

Don't worry about durability or safety:

  1. Scented stickers can retain their scent for several months to a few years, depending on the quality of the microcapsules, the strength of the fragrance, and storage conditions. Proper storage, such as keeping stickers in a sealed container away from light and heat, can extend their scent longevity.

  2. Most scented stickers are safe for children and pets as they are made with non-toxic materials and fragrances. However, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s safety information and ensure that the stickers are used under supervision to prevent ingestion or misuse.

  3. Yes, scented stickers can be customized with a wide range of scents to suit different applications. From fruity and floral scents to more specific smells like baked goods or seasonal aromas, businesses can choose fragrances that align with their brand and product offerings.

Let us show you how to leverage their appeal to enhance customer experiences and boost brand engagement. This idea defiantly is one for our quirky enough to work series! Besides, these are USA Made, a place for us to apply our graphic design talents and provide another low cost marketing tool with high impact!

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