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Increasing Productivity At Home

As the American workforce changes to working from home, changes are required. While some enjoy no commute and saving money, not all workers are used to creating an environment that will help with their productivity and focus. What are some ways to increase your focus?

1. Create a break time

Apparently it's true, all work and no play might make you dull. Ease your mind with a desktop toss game. Take regular breaks away from your desk with a fun and relaxing “breakout” zone where you can go to clear your minds. It doesn’t have to be big – it could be the comfiest seat in the house, dipping your toes in the pool or playing a quick game to refresh your mind.

2. Celebrate wins

According to Teresa M. Amabile, a leading researcher on the organizational study says, “Of all the events that occur on best days, one stood out well above the rest – simply making progress on meaningful work. We call this the “progress principle.” Even if you aren’t face-to-face with your colleagues, let them know when you’re proud of your work, and recognize their successes via virtual communication like email, chat or on social media.

3. Accessorize with color

The colors around us can truly impact our physical and emotional response as well as mood. Be sure to choose workspace accessories that positively impact output. Our top choice? Blue hues have been shown to boost productivity by stimulating the mind. From blue light glasses to desk organizer kits; ask for items in blue!

4. Get moving!

Incorporating physical activity into your day can increase concentration, improve memory, encourage faster learning, enhance creativity, and lower stress. Try a walk & talk conference call, step outside or do a small fitness activity like planks or sit-ups every hour or so with some fun music to keep you motivated and pump you up before returning to work. Maybe even gift someone with a fitness set like this one.

5. Add a simple pleasures

As biological creatures, people want access to the natural world, even if they are sitting at a desk most of the day. Keep shades open, install nature pictures as screen savers, and put plants on your desk. Research shows live plants make people more productive, happier, and less stressed while working. Add comforts like HoMedic brand products to your life.

6. Display photos

Simply displaying photos of family members, vacations, friends, and pets can help establish positive feelings while working. Studies have even shown that looking at cute animal pictures at work can actually make people more industrious- so no need for haters on those fun furry photos!

What methods do you use to focus and relax?

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