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Introducing A Rain Tamer- Super Power at Work!

Do you have super powers?

Maybe you can't control the weather but what if you could tame the elements a bit to make someone's job a little easier. When you offer something that others don't have in their toolbox, it's a super power. Imagine how extraordinary you'd be if you could do the unexpected- such as writing under water! You'd be offering innovation.

Creative problem solving is as important as an ability to paint, draw, sculpt or create music. Creativity is necessary to solve problems & generate solutions that did not previous exist, you know- critical thinking at work. We love how this pen fits several of our categories such as brand's that matter, quirky enough to work and purpose driven partnership- through cause marketing.

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Yep- you've heard about our Rite in the Rain notebooks, but now we'd like to introduce you to the companion pen. This American Made pen is perfect for any career that keeps working in every weather element- such as outdoor enthusiasts to law enforcement.

Check out these assets:

  • The Rite in the Rain All Weather Metal Pen is a durable and versatile writing tool that can withstand extreme conditions.

  • It features a powder-coated brass barrel, a pressurized ink cartridge, and writes smoothly through various substances.

  • Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales of all EcoSmart® products will be donated to environmental nonprofits. -

  • Durable powder-coated brass barrel and pocket clip - Pressurized ink cartridge works in temperatures ranging from -30F to 250F, underwater, and at any angle. -

  • Writes through water, sweat, grease, and mud without smearing. -

  • Includes a 0.9mm tip and provides black ink.

Explore the line here.

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