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Should Santa Defy Mother Nature?

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Should Santa defy Mother Nature? Perhaps not this close to his big day. However, if he is already on the nice list, then the elves made sure he his delivery list would be on Rainis paper. Come rain, snow or sleet, his list will be protected!

Have you ever been standing in the rain, trying to write on paper or reading notes on paper only to watch the rain destroy your efforts to read & write?

Rite in the Rainis a patented, environmentally responsible, All-Weather Writing

Paper that sheds water and enables you to write anywhere, in any weather.

Using a pencil or All-Weather Pen,Rite in the Rainensures that your notes

survive the rigors of the field, regardless of the conditions.

Let's examine the features that make this book special.

Wire-O Binding

Impact-resistant Wire-O doesn’t

get bent out of shape when tossed

around in packs or your pocket.

Polydura Cover

The Polydura cover material

creates a tough but flexible

outer shell defending your

notes from scratches and stains.

Rulers & Reference

Rulers, conversion charts, and

map scales printed on the cover

prove handy in the field.

Bring on the elements! We've got solutions.

Santa could even go somewhere tropical in 2023 and scuba-dive- because his notebook would still allow him to write! Underwater!

Who do you partner with that could use one of these notebooks?

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