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Is It Really Hip To Be Square?


Break the routine- stand out in a crowd.

We get excited about graphic design, from the floor to the walls and every surface in between. Life's more visually exciting when imagery that commands attention.

The start of a new year is the perfect time for a visual brand assessment. Let's play with concepts in our design studio. Create an experience that will not only draw in attendees but leave a lasting impression.

There's noting worse than paying for a space at a tradeshow or a booth at the local market and watching attendees pass by your booth only to drop into another instead.

Is it the products, or the appearance holding folks back?

I know it's said that appearance doesn't matter, but in the case of your booth; it does.

Custom shapes, inviting graphics- much like food on a plate, are your first introduction. Draw in attendees, craving more by making sure your narrative gets an opportunity to become a conversation; elevate your appearance. January is the perfect time to re-fresh dated graphics, explore modern solutions that are easy to carry, care for and make both set up & break down simple and quick.

Besides time in our design studio to craft the best booth options, we'll be over in the apparel section of the showroom to review new decoration methods, fabrics, texture and fit for your team's attire. Then it's time to identify the right products & the best way to present your message. We want your conversation's to lead to conversion's!

Ready to plan, ask about our Q1 specials.

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