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Is This Fidget Toy Phenomenal?

For some the new push pop is phenomenal and for others, it's just a silly toy. In the February edition of our newsletter, we started a poll to find out what our clients think about this toy, and so far - the no's are winning. The spinner toy craze of 2017 has morphed into the pop-it. How much do you know about the transformation of the fidget phenomenon?

You might ask, what is it?

A toy that looks like bubble wrap and offers the chance to place extra energy or stress. The popular toy comes in a flying disk, key tag holder, a writing instrument, and of course a desk accessory. Check out some pop-ular options on our website.

Is the idea of a fidget toy new?

Hardly - in the 12th century Ming dynasty China, there were Baoding balls: two small balls that could fit in one hand and repeatedly rotate to reduce stress, and supposedly have mental health benefits! The Greeks have been using worry beads, or Komboloi, to offer a soothing, meditative state to the user for over 800 years.

What's your take on this trend? We'd like to know!

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