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Let's Make This One a Banner Year

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Today is National Inspire with Art Day! We all know that you need inspiration to create art, but did you know that art has the power to create inspiration in others? Art can be used to inspire awareness or education in a way that is interesting to the viewer without being overtly practical.

Take a look at these banners – they all tell the viewer a different story.

During the spring, there are graduation banners around every corner telling the community of this year’s graduates.

This banner for the police department

tells of how much money has been raised

and how much is left to hit their goal, inspiring the public to sponsor the department or donate what they can.

Oh, you forgot it’s National Doctor’s Day and you’re on your way to a check-up exam? Good thing this office invested in a banner to share with clients that it’s a special day, and to inspire them to wish their doctor a happy day!

Banners are also a great way to inspire thought-sharing and to gain insight into what people are thinking. This “Think Apex” banner was on a table at Apex’s Peakfest, inspiring passersby to jot down their thoughts.

In case you haven’t caught on – art is a great way to inspire a feeling of school pride, of hometown pride, of giving back to the community, without having to say a word. Want to read about how to build a better banner? Click here!

What’s the most interesting banner that stands out in your mind? Let us know in the comments!

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