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Let's Talk Germs

So in what places are germs the most prevalent?

Our friends at The Lip Balm Company identified these eight locations:

1. The printer/copy machine

2. Door handles

3. Shared microwaves and refrigerators

4. Shared sinks

5. The bathroom

6. Your keyboard

7. Your desk chair and working space

8. Your phone

So what is there to do? You can’t be constantly washing your hands throughout the day — but you can keep hand sanitizer at your desk and apply it as often as needed, encouraging your co-workers and clients to do the same. Because it fights harmful bacteria both in the office and elsewhere, it’s a fantastic promotional item, serving a practical purpose while getting your name in front of others in an intentional and effective way. These products put your name practically everywhere!

Trade Show Season

Hand sanitizers also make a great giveaway item for your upcoming trade shows. Imagine all the germs that are present - show your attendees that you care about them!

Hand sanitizers come in many different shapes and sizes. We love Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray because its flat shape makes it easy to store, its vanilla scent is wonderful, and its imprint area is generous!

Other varieties include our Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer Spray- Petite and practical, this sophisticated hand sanitizer spray is infused with an essential oil to create a sense of aromatherapy while reducing germ development.

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