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Looking For Something to Bark About?

Every dog should have a home and every home should have a dog right?

Well, if you love dogs then the answer is always yes!

Today's post is a behind the scenes look at a heartwarming collaboration between Promotional Partners and Peak Lab Rescue is a non-profit dedicated to fostering labs & other breeds or mixed breeds.


The Challenge- to create a low cost fundraiser.

Our solution?

Appeal to donors that also love their fur babies from the rescue. The holidays are filled with tradition & memories. Ornaments on a family tree capture the milestone moments of family relationships & the journeys together. Pets are part of a furever home once they leave the rescue. Promotional Partners suggested wooden ornaments to capture being home & part of a family. The ornaments were a simple, visually high impact, low cost and easy to mail without breaking.

Additionally the ornaments give-back. Donations made through the ornament program help with operational costs to provide each dog a home. Each wooden ornament order plants a tree. How does the tree program work? Initially through One Tree Planted, now a partner with Evertreen for reforestation throughout the world, including North America.

What was the outcome of this program?

Started in 2016, this program has grown in popularity, this past year helping in part towards exceeding their fundraising goal; raising over $40,000. Promotional Partners' design team works closely each year with Peak Lab Rescue to create a new design for the collection. To date, the non-profit has done 6 ornaments. (A few captured in this-post)


What's the magic behind this campaign?

Our collaboration exemplifies how simple products & engaging designs create meaningful connections and help support compassionate non-profits like this rescue program. The harmonious integration of practicality, creativity, and a genuine love for dogs has transformed into an annual fundraiser that’s a heartwarming tradition. This collaboration demonstrates how a tangible product becomes a cherished keepsake and a powerful marketing & fundraising tool with heart. Each ornament embodies the spirit of giving and the joy of canine companionship.


“Offering these custom woodcut ornaments to donors absolutely helps us reach our annual fundraising goal. They can easily be mailed with our holiday card and our supporters love them. This is such an easy way to say thank you and will remind people of their connection with our nonprofit for years to come. People really want to "collect them all'. Thanks to Promotional Partners for working with us to create a memorable item each year.”


Sharon- Peak Lab Rescue Director of Development

Promotional Partners creativity to the rescue!

Would you like to follow more posts about how our collaborative process works. Start here.

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