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4 Values That Elevate Partnership

Updated: Jan 12

Creativity comes in many forms.

January is International Creativity Month, which gets our owner Olivia excited. Creatives look at the world differently. Creative people see pathways, make connections, connect dots, stay curious and love flipping the narrative. We reveal innovative solutions by being open to possibility, recognizing analogies and daydreaming. Imagination, much like dreaming requires letting your mind wander.

May is our official incorporation month, but we will be celebrating our 17th year in business throughout 2024. We've often been asked about our value as a partner. Selling promotional products from an outside perspective seems straight forward. The magic is what happens behind the scenes that ignites creativity and drives innovative strategy.

Our core values of creativity, collaboration, certification & community are the values we add to every partnership.

Creative ideas are sparked through discussion, comparison & consideration. It's that type of playfulness that's cultivated in our showroom environment; collaboration. Not every collaboration occurs in our showroom, some are virtual, but thanks to modern technology each partner has access to the tools & talents we offer. Each brand journey is a little different; because individuals bring different perspectives, preferences & goals to similar projects.

Visionary assurance, united purpose is our mantra for a reason. Trust your vision to us. Together we are partners, united by our goals & objective, seeking a specific outcome.

How does certification add value? Knowledge!

  • Crafting meaningful campaigns with measurable results.

  • Confidently allow us to source domestically or globally, knowing we adhere to safety regulations, compliance and codes of conduct. Deliberate attention to our partners certifications & factory practices. Ask if you need reports.

  • An ability to successfully translate ideation & concepts into the form of a totally custom product.

  • An ability to handle campaigns with moving parts- kitting, fulfillment, shipping & distribution.

  • Experience developing & hosting store programs.

  • Making purposeful choices, means always flexing our brain. Through on-going professional development we are committed to the highest level of excellence. In fact, all of our team members are certified. Two of our team have the highest level of certifications - MAS & MASI. Each certification is earned from two different international industry partners PPAI & ASI. Our certification roots can be traced back to 2012. Read more here.

What does community have to do with promotional products? Everything- it's our unique blend of creativity, collaboration & certification at work with our understanding of community relations.

When we serve, lead, volunteer & mentor in our community we are also learning & experiencing what's relevant and important to our clients. We listen & we observe, which are building blocks that feed our imagination. These community experiences allow us to reconfigure our understanding of the world around us & infuse creativity to address each new challenge. Each community block stacks up providing experiences & perspectives we take into our partner projects, elevating the outcome. Product engagement with our talented team creates reach, recall, resonance, reaction, and relativity provides the retention that grows your brand.

Follow our blogs for the backstory behind our core values at work!


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