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Looking Towards 2021

The show must go on - LIFE. Let's look at 2020 trends expected to continue in 2021

  1. Disposable paper products are making a comeback among millennials, due to COVID, but like all comeback products, the focus is on Eco-Friendly recycled content and recyclable products that generate foot traffic.

  2. Golf has seen a huge resurgence of activity as a touchless outdoor way to socialize.

  3. Direct Mail works- According to the US Postal Service, 98% of individuals check their mail daily! Virtual Video cards offer a new way to connect.

  4. Setting up touchless ways to browse & order. Hosting company stores or fundraising based stores is a great way to keep up morale - Offer prize incentives to actively engage employees. Besides, an e-commerce site adds a 24-7 option to consumers or employees, allowing you to track progress, expand reach & build new audiences with digital marketing.

  5. Adult beverage sales are up, and so is the interest in products related to leisure in the home; whisky glasses, 3-n-1 tumblers for cans, bottles, or liquids. Quality accessories for the home bar.

  6. Stress-reducing products to energize!

  7. Antimicrobial products add value to functional products.

  8. Drop-Shipping gifts and custom kits for virtual meetings. Scavenger hunts and team building activities using props and items from mailers for interaction. How about shipping out a RocketBook ahead of December 11, National App Day. What's a RocketBook? A reuseable way to make notes, wipe clean and use again- but, using the RocketBook app allows you to blast your notes, plans, lists, and big ideas to your favorite cloud service for proper organization. Then, erase & reuse for your next adventure!

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