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Make Connections With An Impact

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Do you know how many hoodies or totes do you own?

If your like Olivia, you've lost count.

Ask her how many hoodies she loves, and she'll answer two. Why those two hoodies? Comfort, fit & construction- top quality.

Which two brands are these hoodies?

American Giant, a homegrown brand that even boasts NC cotton

Tentree, a sustainable brand that is planting trees with proceeds from your purchase.

Ask us to try out a tote- sure thing. Make it well constructed with a bonus story- you'd have this tote. It's from Moop- a woman-owned company, and will be available in early March.

Now more than ever, our partners are asking for gifts that create meaningful connections and make a real impact.

What are the four key trends will be at the forefront in 2023?

1.Renewel: People are rediscovering the beauty in simplicity - a natural complement to the shift toward sustainable, long-lasting products.

2. Futureverse: Influenced by the ever-evolving world of technology, these sleek, high-performance products keep us connected wherever we go.

3. Care Culture: An increased focus on mental and physical health, products that support wellness will be especially meaningful.

4. Retail Brands create an instant connection, delivering a unique combination of on-trend style, premium performance and quality that people trust.

Consumers are looking for gifts that match their lifestyle. Offering value in the functionality of the item for their day, as well as their values for how the item is constructed. More than ever consumers want to know the company behind the brand.

The desire to get to know the brand behind the product has driven interest in purpose driven brands- meaning brands that give back to the community a local or global level. Purpose driven brands allow us to suggest options that align with your company values, mission and purpose.

Retails brands are also popular for the trust that's already been established in the consumer relationship. Brands names are associated with quality. Our blog is rich with stories about brand name products, over 400 brand tips, to layer in to your gifting & promotional campaigns. When selecting products for trade show incentives or corporate gifting; consider building a profile around the type of recipient that will be using the products selected.

What motivates you?

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