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  • Rewarding Brand Enthusiasts!

    unifying the consumer experience with a seamless experience that creates consumer interaction with a brand Our team is excited to announce that our teamwork internally & with the Town of Apex, to reward brand

  • How Do Brands & Branding Choices Make A Difference?

    Brands that are making a difference, provide you something to smile about well beyond the appreciation It's those stories that shape the narrative of your brand message. Through your choices to imprint products, you are also telling your brand story to others. Brands that are making a difference, that is the ProudPath difference. Take a look at this video to understand how forward thinking brands are making a difference every day

  • Headfirst Into Winter Branding

    Perhaps to get ahead of your competition, you should consider a headfirst strategy. Okay, so lots of bad puns, but the message is clear the data shows, that head-wear offers strong results. What's trending? For decoration- leather patches, full-color sublimation, direct-to-film processes For the senses- ridges, cuffs, fuzz, and softness For the fit- well that's the beauty of products for the head, the uni-fit factor! Besides if you're not already over our puns in this post, layer in your promotion by offering gloves and scarves. We have everything from custom knit to stock items ready for decoration. Our showroom is stocked with the latest styles to compare, we can kit your order and if you'd like- work with another NC partner. In fact, through December 31- we are offering 10% off our NC line of products.

  • 5 Brands for Gifting

    There are 5 major reasons that consumers like brand names. Let's take a look at some popular brands that serve up some great ideas for holiday gifting- specifically to brand loyalists. brand here Polar Bottle - learn more about the brand here Hitch - learn more about the brand here Swig - made by women, learn more about the brand here Takeya - learn more about the brand here Vinglace -

  • Our Secret to Brand Elevation

    A commitment to excellence, that's our secret to your brand elevation; adding value! However, understanding how to ensure your products are safe for distribution, well it matters. learn more about how we deviled into safety certifications for you to know your supply chain and why it matters

  • Is Your Brand A Change Maker?

    Why do retail brands matter now, more than ever in the branding space? One of our top brand partners, PCNA recently provided these insights. is part of the equation: People know brand names; they trust brands and they often identify with a brand If not, click the links to learn more about each of those brands. The Brands They Love Want to see all our retail brands in one place?

  • Razzle- Dazzle for Brand Impressions

    Capturing & holding attention is essential to building engagement for your brand. Full color surfaces provide brand real estate; the curb appeal. What could you convey quickly? have almost 200 posts about how to use color and ways our talented graphic design team has captured brand

  • Brand Boost This Season

    What brands? Brand names for the durability, value and performance. Brand names, are trusted and kept- increasing your brand exposure. Brands with purpose- giving back, aligned with social or environmental issues, such as Proud Path, supporting often underutilized businesses- such as woman-owned as well as brands that give back to make a difference

  • Boost Your Brand's Journey

    While a branded tote bag is a tried and true promotional product for conferences, meetings, and trade Here are just some of the options that can leave a big impact on people and spread your brand's message Have the outline of the state you are in as the design of the bag to add a personal touch Let your brand's more than willing to help and collaborate to make your event bags a true mark of character for your brand

  • 7 Ways Create A Brand Experience

    read between the lines, locate the trend & share the experience with your vertical markets through branded Luxury never goes out of style- name brands are associated with quality. Lighters- affordable name brand's like Zippo Custom Sneakers- We have samples of popular styles in our

  • What Are Essential Steps In Branding?

    Developing a brand includes understanding your style - the look & feel that's your brand identity. A Brand Refresh Story Sometimes your logo has unintended challenges. A Brand Launch Story Our design team rocks! Your Voice Matters Your audience engages, watches and responds over time. Your Appearance Matters Besides the quality & usefulness of a product, the decoration method is what

  • Brands Pursuing a Care Culture

    We've been featuring stories about: Brands recycle water bottles that are diverted from our oceans Brands that support global clean water initiatives and women owned brands Brands like Hilana, that reduce water Compare purpose driven products and learn more about why these brands should be part of your branding

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