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Maybe You Should Be Cookie Cutter

The phrase cookie cutter ideas is more commonly associated with a lack of creativity; however, in this case cookie cutters offer an innovative way to connect with consumers. Americans love making cookies!

Americans consume over 2 billion cookies a year, which is about 300 cookies for each person. The average American eats 35,000 cookies in a lifetime. 95.2 percent of U.S. households consume cookies and it's no surprise to us that half of the cookies baked in American homes each year are chocolate chip.

Why cookie cutters? 

April is stress awareness month and cooking is a great way to reduce stress and share quality time with friends or family. There are even recipes for dog cookies!

Package cutters as singles and insert a recipe card to add to a branded cello bag, insert in a mailer boxes or to create a custom gift set ( yes, we can provide you all of those branded options). Ready for this as a fresh approach to stale branding ideas? If you have a monthly newsletter, share seasonal recipes. If you have a social media presence, encourage followers to post their own recipes or best results for decoration. Reward each quarter with a baker's package - of course, include branded measuring cups, spoons, aprons and other kitchen essentials along with the staple ingredients winners will need to create their next masterpiece in the kitchen.

As a bonus, here is the newly released DoubleTree Cookie recipe!

What's your favorite cookie?

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