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Need a Blogging Boost?

When it comes to effective sales tools, blog articles are a wonderful way to attract new leads and build rapport with your customers. (After all, you're reading this right now.) That's why we put out new blog articles filled with content that is there for you to get inspired by and maybe learn something new!

Today's blog post? We've also got some pro tips for creating blog content that will captivate your audience and ultimately lead to higher engagement stats and more conversions.

Why Have A Blog?

If you're not already blogging for your business, you should start. Companies with blogs receive 55% more traffic and generate 67% more leads than those without a blog presence (Single Grain). And if those stats aren't convincing enough, perhaps the consumers can persuade you. 81% of US consumers say that blogs are a trusted source of information, 61% have made purchases based on a blog's recommendation, and more than 68% say that a blog adds credibility to a website (Single Grain).

What To Include In Your Posts

For starters, publish new content at least once a week. This freshens things up, so your customers aren't seeing the same material repeatedly. Some posts can contain project ideas or product recommendations, others can educate readers on upcoming events they may not know about (January 28th is Fun at Work Day, by the way). You can also use your blog to give readers a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes. It's a fun way to express your business's personality and appear more human, which builds trust with your audience.

We're Here To Get You Started

Consider content that will cover topics that are relevant to you and your customers, like upcoming occasions, themes, and key industries. Is there a common question about a service or product you offer? Write a post about it! Maybe you have a product with an amazing backstory - blog about it!

Take a look through our previous posts for inspiration - that's why they're there! Need a little more assistance? Feel free to reach out - we love helping brands grow!

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