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Need A Hand?

Now that summer has us traveling, going to festivals or taking a walk in the park - we are reminded that women have a distinct fashion disadvantage over men - many clothing items have no pockets!

Think about it - men's pants traditionally include a pocket for the wallet - but ladies' pants or jackets might include a change pocket, and carrying a purse in the park is a no-go. There must be a better way!

What happens when we want to be hands free? A cross body tote is the answer.

Hold your phone and a few essentials close by in this stylish tote, but keep your hands free to touch nature, hold hands with your loved one or even eat ice cream!

Recently we gave out some of these sling style totes at our 15-year celebration. The size is compact but perfect for even the larger phones.

Stop by the showroom next time you are in Downtown Apex. We will give you one!

What's your favorite reason to use a cross-body tote to stay hands free!?

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