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No Substitute for Sublimation

We love sublimated products! Why? The options are only limited by your imagination- vibrant colors, repeating patterns, photographs, and signatures can all be captured on fabric, vinyl and metal.

How does it work? On fabric, the process requires printing the art on special transfer papers, then using heat to move the ink from the paper to the fabric. In the process, the heat allows the ink to turn from a solid to a gas and penetrate the fabric for a permanent bond. Not only is the result stunning to the eye, but it's soft to the touch and easy care! It's no wonder it's one of our favorite decoration processes. Craft your own message on a hoodie.

Similarly, a traditional plaque is elevated by sublimation applied to the surface, allowing a mixed media effect that combines etching with full color the wow factor.

How can sublimation solve challenges? A trade show and office basic is the lanyard. Share a message of unity with sublimation by displaying a repeating logo on one side, with a tagline or value statement on the second side. Does your conference have a broad range of attendees, employees and speakers? Sublimation makes it easy for us to use the same graphic format but change out the color of each lanyard.

Make a statement at your next event. Instead of a boring tent, create a game, photo wall, interactive selfie space or create an education center with maps and photos by adding a backwall with sublimation. Make each side different!

Welcome visitors to your business with an image that captures your services or hang around the office or home for years with mouse pads and jar openers.

No matter your reason to create branded products, whether awareness, identification, fundraising, education or consumer loyalty- sublimated products offer vibrancy for your brand.

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