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Not Willing To Drive 55?

Age is just a number, like a driver that sees driving 55 as a suggestion. Our owner Olivia is not about to slow down in her mid 50's! In fact, you might say she's always been a "peddle to the metal gal"; with a long history of running between client meetings & community service. It's a good thing that there is plenty of gas left in her tank, because slowing down is not part of her personal brand.

Baby Boomers are active in the workforce and the community. Professionally they are often starting new careers later in life. As a woman-owned business, Olivia is in good company. A 2016 study of the Raleigh-Cary Metropolitan Statistical Area, found of the 25,000 businesses in the area, 5,000 of those businesses were owned by women. September 21st was National Senior Citizen's Day. Instead of playing bingo, Olivia was mentoring again. Over the years she's spoken to middle school & high school students at education events across Wake County, to college students at Wake Tech and for business professionals for several local Chambers of Commerce. Always a rule breaker, her flashy red shoes add not only a pop of color to her black & white attire, but signify bold, fearless choices made starting a business in her 40's, changing career pathways and building a successful brand.

Lifestyle branding requires knowing who you are and what you stand for - before you can market your brand, you must be comfortable telling your brand story. Marketing stories with tangible advertising is her passion. As a speaker, years of classroom presentations make her comfortable sharing relatable stories, laughing at herself and making analogies that click. Education has been a core value of Promotional Partners from the start. Our blog features cause marketing stories to help provide some concrete ways to showcase what makes your brand pop from the competition.

Live your brand in the fast lane; keep learning, keep moving, keep sharing. Paying it forward, always finds a way to give back.

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