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Not Your Ordinary Snowflake

Snowflakes in the middle of August in North Carolina? Why not.

North Carolina is known for quirky weather patterns, besides this quirky product is truly a unique snowflake. You've heard it said each snowflake is unique. Continuing our efforts to highlight unique product solutions, with a twist, this snowflake tool delivers.

17 tools in one! A uniquely-shaped stainless-steel keychain device. The snowflake design allows for tons of tools in a compact tool featuring: Slotted screwdriver, box cutter, rope cutter, bottle opener, key hole, Phillips screwdriver, multiple wrenches, and multiple Hex wrenches.

Do you offer multiple solutions to common problems?

Are you adaptable in any situation?

Prepared for unforeseen challenges?

Perhaps you streamline series.

Word play is an effective memory tool for your brand message.

Watch a video demonstration of it's potential here.

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