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Nurture the Creative Mind!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Life happens in full, rich color! Shouldn't your brand have the opportunity to be seen as intended every day?

We love brand partners that provide us the imprint space to get creative with graphics. Our graphics team can be playful, incorporate themes, add photographs or even capture benchmark moments - all in full color.

In fact, this line aligns with the types of core values that represent Promotional Partners. Todd Gabel, Founder & CEO of Toddy Promo states, "We make beautiful things that are crafted to enhance everyday life." Their products deliver on the promise to brand, inform, and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling of promotional products, while nurturing the creative minds & innovators that make up the forward-thinking.

Check out this USA Made product in action in this video. We think this tangram is the perfect way to include a hidden message on the underside or to reveal a new product or brand.

A timeless activity, the tangram, has been reimagined into a modern branding tool with multiple difficulty levels. Complete the shape by moving and rotating its pieces to improve problem-solving and visual-spatial skills. Crafted from premium acrylic and decorated in full color, this high-end thinking game ensures brands are remembered.

At the core of innovation, there always has to be a possibility. When your brand can be represented in the colors you intended on quality products that make our daily routines easier - it's also smart marketing that creates 15 insane marketing results.

We know you will love the innovation of this line. Check out the featherlight collection and the Made in the USA collection.

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