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Over & Under the Allure of Practical Connections

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Do you recall making a paper weaving in school? The papers lock together by threading the horizontal strips of paper through every other vertical strip, using an over-under repeating pattern. Modern machinery makes weaving cloth seem "effortless."

Fabric has an allure. Consumers are drawn into various textures, colors, patterns and weaves. However the foundation of fabric is practical- providing us items to wear for protection against the elements or to make our day or night more comfortable. Connecting with consumers within their daily routine is truly the essence of strong promotional campaign. When a marketing campaign fits like a glove to your target markets, the product transcends advertising, becoming-excuse the pun- part of the fabric of your life.

At our recent show we share one of our favorite textile partners. Keep in mind many items are also USA Made!

What types of products do they offer for your next campaign?

Socks! Woven, fuzzy grippers for healthcare settings or home, work socks, athletics socks, fundraisers- fun runs and team building.

Shoe tags or zipper pulls- add a unique way to showcase a sponsor, commemorative event or VIP with these colorful editions to outerwear and shoes.

Patches- of course for identification on uniforms, but also for spirit, collectibles, recognition and unity.

Gloves- Gloves protect our hands from the elements, can be colorful to show spirit or add additional function by allowing us to access our smart devices without having to remove our gloves.

Instant Images and Patches- peel & stick to apparel for an instant team or add to hard goods for a permanent branded image. Add these to a post card for a pre show mailer or alumni connection. An adaptable item that's very affordable.

Beanies- a gift that fits everyone!

What additional items should you consider- watch this quick video for inspiration.

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