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Partnerships, Riveted Together Make Compelling Stories!

Do you recall your first pair of Levi's?

When I was in the 6th grade, Levi's were the only brand our friend group was wearing. To my horror, my mom sewed down the red tag on the pocket of my Levi's because kids would rip off the tag. As kids, we had not realized the value of a dollar. This was the 70's- soaring gas prices & inflation, but as 6th graders we thought it would be funny to rip the tag off the pants - making them "unwearable". After- all it was the "only brand" that made you cool.

In hind site, the riveted metal accents branded Levi's should have proved our jeans legit, but we are talking about logic and 6th graders!

Styles come and go in popularity. Some fabrics aren't rugged enough to endure one season of wear. Levi's are not one of those brands- in fact, the history goes like this:

Founded In 1853, Levi Strauss opened a wholesale dry goods business in San Francisco that became known as Levi Strauss & Co. Seeing a need for work pants that could hold up under rougher conditions, he and Jacob Davis, a tailor, created the first jean. In 1873, they received a U.S. patent for "waist overalls" with metal rivets at points of strain. The first product line designated by the lot number "501" was created in 1890.

The company has grown, expanded and added to their lines- read more here.

As a business owner, what impresses me is how this brand continues to evolve keeping it thriving over 170 years. It's a brand that conjures memories and offers a durable product- that's a story. The story is also about relationships- as individuals our relationship to a favorite pair of jeans or jacket; my husband still has his Levi jacket. Besides being part of our lives, jackets are the perfect place to add embellishments that share more about who we are as individuals through buttons, pins and patches; even embroidery on the surface.

When you're ready for a promotion that is iconic, celebrating partnerships that matter- consider how a simple jacket can become a statement piece for your brand.

In a recent post, I suggested that items, like a jacket or cap are the perfect place to foster messages of inclusion.

Our graphic design studio, combined with abundant samples in our showroom are the perfect setting to explore concepts with our talented team.

Let's forge a riveting story that showcases the value of your relationships.

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