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Exploring Ways To Foster Inclusivity

Fostering a senses of belonging can start with simple products that add visibility in the workplace.

Many of our partners reach out to use for simple ways to showcase the broad diversity that's reflected in their workforce. Why? Inclusion; to foster an environment of belonging, engagement, equity and empowerment. Through policies and practices these partnering brands are motivated to create a workforce that reflects the diversity of the people they serve with products or services.

Those values, with partnering companies, then fuel a desire to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment within not only their organization, but outside in the communities they serve. For some partners that is a local initiative, others a national or even global goal. Broad goals, need high visibility. DEI councils are growing within larger organizations and larger partners may have as many as 10 different councils meeting within their organization. Each council has their own logo & color palette, which means graphically speaking- we need full color content space.

Stickers are one of our go to items for full color, becoming any shape & size; plus low cost.

The point of products for each council are to be seen- so we also like to suggest products that will be worn and used year-round, long after a month long focus such as PRIDE Month.

Here's a snap shot of some of our favorites include trends from 2023, still going strong in 2024.

Councils within an organization are intended enhanced collaboration, innovation and discussion among their workforce. Food is one of those workplace perks that always bring folks together. Besides, it fits our quirky side too!

When you're ready to craft a program- ask, we have numerous ways to apply our graphic talents, marketing & industry knowledge to building the right program for your needs.

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