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Puzzled By Connections?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Connecting your brand message to consumers can be challenging if you always try the same strategy. It's a little like enjoying chocolate ice cream, but never trying another flavor. Puzzles and stickers offer edge-to-edge graphics, with low-cost materials, USA Made and endless marketing strategies.

What can you do with puzzles or stickers that's new?

  1. Distribute by hand or mail, peel & stick custom shapes that represent your product or brand.

  2. Mail one piece of a puzzle to an attendee, then have them complete the puzzle at each station at your conference.

  3. Inspire teambuilding by giving a different puzzle piece to employees that are on-boarding, then ask them to solve the puzzle together.

  4. Introduce a service that solves your consumers needs

  5. Make fidgeting fun! Custom imaging on a key tag game that keeps your recipient busy in airports, waiting at the DMV or just sitting on a park bench.

That's 5 great reasons to try something new!

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