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Quality Branding Sticks Around

It's PPAI WORK Week, what's that mean? Each year our industry puts a spotlight on how and why promotional branding is the most effective tool you can use for building awareness. At an average cost of pennies a day, daily engagement-with high impressions, creating months of use- smart marketing included branded products. Learn more about the power of promotional branding by checking out the stats here.

Practical office-related items are always a smart way to gain some awareness. Items such as calendar cubes for industries that count dates, organizational message flags or print rich image reminders of your services or products on post-it notes provide affordable, full-color solutions. Did I use the words Post It Notes? Yep!

Post-It Notes by 3M, is a trademarked product, so those other adhesive notes on your desk are sticky notes. What type of products are popular in the 3M line? Take a look here. When you want notes that "stick around"- then Extreme Notes are exactly what you need. Our partner for this line said he has a house a the beach and used extreme notes on outside areas that survived hurricane season- that's extreme!

If brand exposure is what you need, we suggest partnerships! That's right, when you co-brand or partner with neighboring businesses it not only build friendships & goodwill but it stretches your marketing dollar. If your business is located near a popular place to dine, ask if that business wants to partner to include a coupon or incentive to check out your business with every takeout box! Now that's brand messaging delivered right to your consumer's door.

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