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Ready To Spin The Bottle?

The statistics about how much we throw away and bury is staggering. An average person throws away over 1,600 pounds of trash per year. Americans as a whole generate enough waste each year to circle the earth 24 times. 75% of all that trash is easily recyclable, but only 30% of it actually gets recycled. One rescued wine bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt light bulb for four hours, power a computer for 30 minutes, or a television for 20 minutes.

Are you ready to get dirty to save the planet?

Our new glass partner diverts thousands of wine bottles from the landfills every week with the help of our local collection partners. What began as an effort to combine passions for art and engineering has turned into a community effort to support a great cause - to rescue 10 million bottles and re-purpose those bottles into beautiful, functional etched surface gifts for glassware, plant watering systems, candles, and even creative awards. These efforts are spinning the life of a bottle into a long-lasting beautiful product. Take a look at these options:

Besides the beauty of the glass, the retail packaging and ability to create an easy fundraiser makes this an exciting new option- ready to rescue some bottles?

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