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Retro Meets Modern; with a twist!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Going "old school" does not have to be stale. What old school items are making a come back? Pencils & calendars! Why are they popular again and how have they adapted? Calendars are a refreshing change from your phone calendar! We enjoy the sensory touch & visual to paper over tech. Besides, modern calendars are not the freebie once picked up in a box from the local bank or hardware store. Today's calendars have custom images, color me-doodle pages, stories that feature local business, QR codes to videos, coupons to tear off for discounts, dates that are highlighted for upcoming events, even interactive QR codes to reveal a parking map to destinations. Speaking of hardware stores, are you DIY enthusiast? Then you'd love this quirky calendar that includes 12 different instructional videos to help with your next home project. Research shows 62% of consumers still keep a paper calendar in their kitchen or office space. Yes, calendars are still relevant. Why pencils? Bulleted journal-ing is hot! Bright, colorful papers, stickers & flags to help organize your day or next project. Pencils, like calendars, are anything but traditional. Design your own pencil from eraser to tip. Purchase one with fun scents or that's color-changing, made from recycled newspapers or old blue jeans to seal in a tube for a direct mail campaign. A pencil is inexpensive and easy to insert even in a standard envelope. Ask your top prospect to pencil you in for an introductory call.

Traditional products never become stale when innovative ideas are added to the design. Check out options in our showroom location, remember the tactical experience counts.

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