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Roots Grow More Than Produce

A Farmer's Market provides more than fresh produce & meats, or handmade goods- these are business owners fostering community connections. You can't get more grass roots to the local economy at work than the opportunity to meeting the farmer providing you food.

It's important for each booth to draw you into the space. By learning the back story behind their products, and their why for farming, you become an economic driver, a loyal consumer & part of the farm to table initiative for supporting local farmer's.

Here's a story that started in 2020 as a way to increase visibility, draw in more consumers, share a personal story and build brand identity.

Objective: Andreas Homestead is a small farm located in Apex, NC owned by a husband and wife duo. They raise pastured chickens, ducks, and turkey that are fed organic soy free feed from day one. Create an environment that tells the story of who Andreas Homestead is at local farmers markets. Their core demographic is interested in purchasing quality poultry as a lifestyle choice or for health reasons.

Take a look at some of the products behind this collaboration:


After meeting with Lynn and Mike, we were inspired to help tell their story. We refreshed & updated their logo and provided marketing strategies for enhancing their booth space to increase traffic & commerce.

  1. We suggested that the banner feature the new logo and be used as a backdrop to set the scene. The booth now provides the essence of stepping onto their farm.

  2. We also suggested staging a table- "from our farm to your table" experience to elevate the discussion around wholesome food. Additionally we encouraged them to hand out favorite recipes from their own family meals with the meats. By sharing recipes at the market, through their website & on their social media, they are sharing the personal aspect of their family life with consumers.

  3. For their 10 year celebration, we designed a flag to stand out among the row of booths.

The result? They are selling out of products each week!

“I cannot stress how pleased I am to work with the Promotional Partners team. They are outstanding! The ideas and creative solutions they presented me gave me lots of options! They worked with me to create material that I am happy with and still accomplished my goals!” Lynn- Andreas Homestead

Visit Mike & Lynn at the Holly Springs Farmer's Market. Click the link for information about the location and times depending on the time of year.

Want to see ways other ways we are making a difference through our core values of creativity, collaboration, certification and community? Head back to this blog about our core values at work.

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