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Safety First! Smart Re-Entry Tools

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Acronyms are constantly created, but PPE is one that will likely not have to be explained for a very long time. The workforce is experiencing virtual meeting fatigue and the average person is growing weary of discussing PPE products. Safety and wellness have taken center stage in a way that's never been discussed previously. We are not health experts, so when we review new products on the market, we rely on trusted partners that adhere to regulations, practice ethical practices, and manufacture quality products. Safety matters!

As our schools start to open- what will they need for safety

What types of products are popular?

Hand sanitizers - While grocery stores had TP shortages, our industry scrambled to get quality hand sanitizer out the door. Despite numerous sources for USA Made product, demand is high, depleting stock in often 24-48 hours. Yes, we have sanitizing stations too. What should you know about the safety behind sanitizers?

Barriers - Think of the library study cubicle, imagine it with plexiglass and you have a good start to a PPE safe space. The quality and construction of barriers are vastly different. Short term and long term solutions are now abundant. The ease to clean, set up, move to another location or keep affordable to an already financially stressed business owner are key components to the choices made.

Distancing signage - Where does the line form banners or display signage? How do we pick up curbside? Do you have stations for different reasons? Walls, floors, concrete, backpack signs, signage has moved to the front of the line- it provides a strong visual and a quickly read message to remind us of the new rules.

Masks - Why not have some fun? You're a walking billboard, so advertise your local businesses, non-profits or show some school spirit. Ask a question or just have fun - full-color options allow our graphics team a chance to be creative! Do you want a hole to drink, a window to see your lips, a material that keeps your glasses from fogging up? Do you want to give back to a greater cause? Maybe you'd like your straps to be adjustable, a seam or a bridge on your nose, material that is soft, a filter pocket, or a shape that fits the size of your face better? Not into masks - a gaiter or bandanna then - still many choices.

Not sure how to share your feelings with others about distancing? Wristbands, with educational signage in the workplace or community spaces, can help address those issues.

Safety is important - but don't forget about fun! It's the social aspect of our school days we recall looking back! Make some memories!

As schools begin to transition to live learning- we've got solutions to keep everyone safe.

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