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Keeping You Safe

There has been a lot of talk in the news about hand sanitizer brands being recalled due to the fact that they contain methanol. We do our part when it comes to keeping you and your audience safe. That's why we only partner with suppliers who make safety their number one concern. This is the reason we love our partners at Raining Rose! Raining Rose takes the time to not only produce and source consumer safe products but also educate their audience. Here are their top 4 tips of choosing the best hand sanitizer:

1. Only Select Sanitizer With At Least 60% Alcohol Content

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) has found that sanitizers with an alcohol concentration between 60-95% are the most effective at killing germs. Anything less, and you risk using products that may not destroy all germs, or merely reduce germ growth rather than killing them completely. We recommend this hand sanitizer containing a 70% ethyl alcohol formula.

2. Prevent Dry Hands With Aloe Vera

One of the biggest complaints about hand sanitizer is that it dries out hands, and people's hands are already a bit parched due to increased hand washing. As a result, people use drying hand sanitizers less, which results in a greater spread of germs and disease. Prevent this by prioritizing formulas that include aloe vera, a natural ingredient that helps keep skin soft and moisturized. You'll notice the hand sanitizer is more hydrating than other styles, which means increased brand awareness and a positive brand association. We recommend this aloe vera containing hand sanitizer!

3. Know Which Markets Need High-Strength Sanitizer

While hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content is recommended, some healthcare industries require even higher strengths. If your audience works in hospitals, doctor's offices or surgery centers, be sure to present the highest strengths possible for maximum protection. These professionals work on the front lines to keep us safe, so it's crucial we do our part to keep them healthy too. High-strength hand sanitizer also makes a great choice for company staff gifts to show employees their health is a top priority. We recommend this hand sanitizer that comes with a carabiner for easy access!

4. Educate Your Audience On Best Practices For Use

Selecting the right hand sanitizer is only half the battle. Finish the job by educating end-user on best practices for using hand sanitizer to ensure recipients are getting all the germ-fighting benefits. While most people think they know how to apply hand sanitizer, you'd be surprised by how many don't follow the recommended instructions! Be sure to explain important usage information, like:

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