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Seams Legit!

It's National Embroidery Month, which seams like a legit reason to talk about your options!

Embroidery is a popular way to decorate because:

  • The amount of color doesn't matter.

  • Once the file is created we can do as few as 1 unit as long as the size does not need to change. In fact, we've created stitched for weddings, baby gifts, hometown pride and to express religious messages or have fun with political frustrations.

  • Mix & match styles, sizes within an order for flexibility. A new business can give away a branded bag to a friend, thank a client with a blanket and select a polo, pullover, or cap for work.

  • Nice outwear is a popular employee perk - don't forget those brand ambassadors. Employee Appreciation Day is coming up on March 5.

  • Be creative with embroidery and ask us to show you examples of puffy stitching, appliques, combining mixed media, or using the negative space to add visual interest.

Don't follow a pattern- let's create something unique that consumers will want to wear!

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