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Sending Out One of Oprah's Favorites

If you are a fan of Oprah, you probably already know about her list of favorite things for gifts. However, did you know we can ship fresh one of these cinnamon walnut coffee cakes to your gift list this season? Yep! From Oprah's Favorite Things List to your recipient's doorstep! We make gifting to friends, family, co-workers working from home to essential workers- easy. Take a quick look at this product video.

Besides being yummy, shareable food gifts are associated with holidays & celebrations.

How easy can we make the distribution process?

  • We can drop ship fresh, never pre-packaged selections, to each recipient on your nice list!

  • We can insert a greeting card

  • We can add a branded an item you have on hand for a customized kit

  • We have packages that include branded items to use in the home or office

  • We want recipients to share only the treats, not data. Order with confidence; your contacts are secure. Your list will not be shared or solicited with other offers like some popular seasonal mailing groups.

  • We love to give you discounts. Order before Oct 31 applying your discount, then have your distribution list shipped on your ideal date- such as Thanksgiving, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year's, or any other reason to share some joy.

  • We know you want to offer something special at the holidays, how about some planetary love with a commitment to the environment? Many packages contain reusable, recycled content in the packaging, and our partner is committed to saving the rainforests! The wood products are made from sustainable timber. Plus you are saving the rain forests by giving out chocolates! How? Cocoa, the principle ingredient of chocolate, needs the shaded canopy of the rain-forest to grow. Nearly all of the chocolate used in this line of gifts is “Rainforest Alliance” certified which ensures that the farms have met the environmental, social, and economic standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network.

  • Besides being a compliant, diverse partner who, like us adheres to a code of conduct- employees team up to build homes for Habitat in their hometown!

Ready to explore options? Either check out our website or start by flipping the pages of this e-catalog for ideas. We have samples of the packaging at the showroom and have sampled many of the items from this line over the years.

From Oprah to Olivia- the O's have great ideas!

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