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Smart Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Your personal wellness is always important, but often requires concern before we take action. What are some ways you can boost your immune system? Researchers are exploring the connection of 3 omega-3 fatty acids to improve your mental health and control depression. Besides washing your hands, apparently mom was also right about eating your fruits & veggies. In writing this post, I searched for the top foods to boost your immune system and 15 choices were highlighted.

While we will leave healthcare to the experts, as your marketing expert we educate our clients that smart marketing is about meeting your target market from a point of interest or contact. Since physical contact at the moment is center stage; flip it. If you are in an industry that provides consumer protection or healthcare, use products to educate consumers. Like what?

March is National Nutrition Month, and for 2020 the graphic is retro play from popular campaigns used in the 70's and 80's that were designed to be fun, accessible, positive, kid-friendly and adaptable to all eating patterns and cultures.

What are some ways you could educate your vertical markets about nutrition?

How about a re-usable cotton grocery tote? Totes for the market are an Eco-Conscious decision, especially when they are constructed from manufacturing waste and give back 1% to the planet. Bags are smart graphically because they have a large imprint area it's perfect for some imagination. Our expert creative team can design custom graphics of healthy food or a graphic of a shopping list of food that will boost your mood or your immune system. If you are in food service, perhaps have us design a QR code in the graphic to promote your healthy menu or dates for the upcoming farmer's market. For the kids, a custom graphic that's only outlines, with no filled space, can be colored with markers for added fun & engagement with families.

Bags offer one of the highest cost per impression, long term use of any promotional item.

Check out these facts!

Marketing ideas that connect with your audience and graphics that have an impact are just part of the reason our company helps you bag more growth in your branding efforts.

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