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Wash Your Hands!

Turns out mom's advice was right, washing your hands can help keep you safe from Corona and other viruses. Do you know where germs are the most prevalent?

Back in January we shared this post about where germs are found and how hand sanitizer can be a benefit to you. It seems on every media outlet another story is featured about how to protect yourself from contracting Coronavirus. Unlike internet pirates, we are not gouging the market, hand sanitizers are still a very economical option for branding. In most cases the labels are full color, allowing your brand to pack a visual punch and as a bonus, most hand sanitizers are Made in the USA! We have a broad assortment of shapes and sizes on our website.

If you are considering a germ free promotion, layering your message with a glass cling, like the one featured here, reminding others to wash their hands will increase the reach of your message. A full color cling or sticker is easy to customize with your name and adaptable to any shape or size. For ease of distribution consider creating a wellness kit.

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