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Taking The Stress Out of Gifting

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

New Hire Kits. Thank You Gifts. Holidays?

Relax. We have you covered. In fact, we've been kitting for years which means we have experience. From small distributions to companies with 1,000 employees- we've done it all. Yes, we will always offer custom but sometimes your budget or time frame needs a one-stop seamless solution. That's when our perfectly packaged approach elevates the experience without elevating your blood pressure. It's just that easy.

Curated collections that fit your vision, style, and budget. Even name brands or products that fit your sustainability goals.

The packaging fits and ships for one flat rate, yes that is additional per box to your recipient. Not only is it easy, but secure. Unlike some of those mail-order gift programs, our partners are not selling your recipient list or soliciting them later for special incentives.

Create unique packages of useful products to welcome new hires to your company! It's an extra hello!

Choose to have some shipped and others ready to be found when they arrive at their desk. Your choice.

Let our experience take the stress out of milestone moments, gifting, and kitting.

What's trending this holiday season? Here is a flipbook of ideas.

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